Order Reedy Creek Calls
Order Reedy Creek Calls

Legal Authorizations and Notifications:

Reedy Creek Outfitters LLP carries liability insurance for your protection. However all clients will be required to sign a personal liability waiver in order to protect our partners, guides and employees along with their families. Please download the waiver form, sign it and return it along with your deposit. Copies of the waiver will be made available for signature prior to your hunt. Failure to sign the waiver will result in trip cancellation and forfeiture of deposit. We appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions feel free to contact us..

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What you need to bring / Your responsibilities:

  1. New Jersey Firearms Hunting License (resident or non resident as appropriate), Federal duck stamp, NJ State duck stamp, NJ HIP Number (call 1-800-wetlands) 24 hrs/7 days, answer automated telephone survey and record number on your license.
  2. Warm clothes starting with chest waders and waterproof (at least resistant) parka/hunting coat. Layers are best as you can remove clothing as needed. Wool and polar fleece are excellent choices for layering.
  3. Firearm and ammunition. We recommend 12 gauge #3 steel 90% of the time for brant and duck hunting. Most of our shots are close. If you prefer tungsten or bismuth we’d recommend a size smaller. A few shells of larger pellet size are not a bad idea, in the event we get some shooting at geese. If we have planned a canada or snow goose hunt we recommend #1 or BB steel. Shotguns and shells are personal things, bring what you are comfortable with or ask our opinion. JUST NO LEAD SHOT and full chokes are not necessary.
  4. Sandwich, beverage, snacks for yourself. We can make a stop at a convenience store on our way and if we hunt all day we usually stop for a mid morning breakfast between sets. But, you never know it could be fast and furious and we decide not to leave for some time so have something to hold you over. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or controlled dangerous substances are permitted.
  5. You are responsible for safe firearm handling. Reedy Creek Outfitters reserves the right to immediately terminate a hunt for improper gun handling.
  6. If you require lodging, you must make arrangements for accommodations. However, we will assist you in locating a convenient motel, hotel or bed and breakfast. Call us to converse about where we plan to hunt with you and we will compile a list of phone numbers for you of accommodations local to that area.
  7. Our boats are equipped with personal floatation devices (life preservers) the location of which will be pointed out, it is your responsibility to wear or decline to wear a PFD while underway.

In the days leading up to your hunt it is customary for us to speak regularly so that we can get you caught up on how things are going. We will also discuss with you what our observation lead us to believe are our best options for success. We do hunt over fifty miles of estuaries with varied terrain and species and we may ask you for preferences along the way, please feel free to discuss what interests you. We will also make final arrangements for a meeting time and place based upon our destination. This final decision will most likely be made a day or two before your hunt.

If at any time you have questions please feel free to contact us.

Legal Limits and Handling:

Waterfowl are a valuable and respected resource that should be taken for consumption or trophy purposes. All birds shot will become the property of the party unless prior arrangements are made with us. However, all USF&W and State Regulations will be adhered to. No person will depart with more than their allotted possession limit.

You are responsible for YOUR BIRDS! Don’t shoot them just to waste them!

We expect our clients to use ALL OF THE BIRDS THEY TAKE. Please do not tell us your shooting the birds only to throw them in the garbage just because they do not make good table fair.

We know THAT ALL the birds can be made to taste good, its just in the manner they are prepared. We understand that some birds are meant for trophy, but please do not shoot those birds in excess if you do not intend to use them. If you brag about dumping birds, I can assure you we will not be answering your call the next time you want to book a hunt.

Respect our resource! If not, it may be gone someday, due to SLOB HUNTERS.

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