Order Reedy Creek Calls
Order Reedy Creek Calls

Reedy Creek Outfitters goal is to provide you with a personal and customized experience hunting the coastal estuaries of the New Jersey Shore. We pride ourselves on our ever-growing list of clientele, which has been generated in large part by referrals and repeat business. We specialize in being extremely mobile and versatile in our hunting areas and practices. Our knowledge of the estuaries (over fifty miles long) is extensive and we are equipped to hunt divers, brant, puddle ducks, and geese on open water or in salt ponds, often all in the same day.

Our most common feedback is:

We truly look forward to spending the day with you in the marsh! No guide can guarantee full limits but we can guarantee a very enjoyable and informative experience References are available upon request.

Hunts typically take place from our custom designed and built boat blinds, layout boats, Otter Outdoors ground blinds, one man boats, coffin style blinds, all depending on where and what we are hunting.

Your safety is always paramount, we operate only proven seaworthy vessels and all hunts are conducted by United States Coast Guard Licensed Captains.

A Full Day Hunt is also available for an additional charge. Essentially we conduct two hunts in one day, in completely different terrain and habitat, in an effort to provide "AN EXPERIENCE" as opposed to just "shooting a few ducks." In this scenario we begin before dawn and hunt until mid morning. Afterward, we head to a new location and focus on a different type of

hunting (divers vs.puddlers vs. geese vs. brant). These hunts are available at an additional charge and are available on a limited basis please call to discuss the option and to check availability.

Divers and Sea Ducks – all feet down and inside fifteen yards, just bearing down on YOU as YOU look like the open pocket of water in the inviting spread of stools! Heart pounding, sweating even though its freezing out, here they are! You sit up and shoulder the gun – sounds easy! Well you probably missed, at least the first time!

“Level the Playing Field” goes two ways here: 1) you are on their turf, eyeball to eyeball 2) even though they are close they are really moving and you’re bobbing around in a boat. Layout shoots are quickly becoming one of our most requested hunts. For good reason, it is extremely exciting and absolutely unique. It isn’t for everyone, but most who try it can’t get enough. We proudly use Waterfowl WorksLayout Boats. The boats are exceptionally stable and surprisingly comfortable.

Two big guys have no problem and we’ve had some really big guys shoot without any issues and with great success – including NFL linemen.  Layout Boats. The boats are exceptionally stable and surprisingly comfortable.Two big guys have no problem and we’ve had some really big guys shoot without any issues and with great success – including NFL linemen. You’ll be in constant marine VHF radio contact with the tender boat anchored within 100 yards to retrieve downed birds, change out shooters within your party, bring you AMMO, and “tend” to every need. 

We employ a number of methods to hunt brant, but without exception we only take completely cupped, committed, perfectly decoying brant over top quality decoy rigs – that is the beauty of a brant shoot.  We have custom designed and built our own 16’ – 17’ low profile boat blinds powered by 40 and 50 horsepower outboards to make long, fast runs to be “where they live.”  As Team Otter Pro-staff we utilize Otter Outdoors Products ground blinds to stay mobile, effectively hide and keep you

Arkansas has mallards, Maine has eiders, and New Jersey has brant! Brant are taken up and down the Atlantic Flyway with great success, however NJ winters the vast majority of the Atlantic Brant population and the hunting opportunity reflects it. The shallow coastal estuaries of New Jersey provide prime feeding, loafing, and graveling areas for brant. By playing tides and the weather correctly, brant hunting in New Jersey is simply outstanding.

comfortable, especially when the weather gets real still and there is a need to be extra-stealthy. 

Undoubtedly, any seasoned waterfowler, anywhere, has heard the lore of Barnegat Bay and the infamous broadbill shooting.  Yes, for our friends from out of state (except New York as they are with us) we call them broadbills, always have, always will but we don’t care if you call them bluebills, scaup, or blackheads or even coot as long as you like em.

We have excellent hunting for many diver ducks. Bufflehead, Oldsquaw, Scoters, Broadbill, Hooded and Red Breasted Mergansers are numerous in our areas. We may also take some Redheads, Can and Goldeneye if we have a cold end to the season.

We typically have a great number of broadbill in our area during the season, and we love getting them! Though overall numbers are not as large as they use to be, and federal limits on them are usually 2 birds, there is nothing like watching a flock, or even a single broadbill handle into the decoys! Just to see them trade is a beautiful show to watch!

Of course we don’t have greenheads pouring through flooded timber (all the time – but we do sometimes!). Then again, we regularly see our southern friends up here to take a “black mallard.” No questioning the fact that New Jersey is a black duck mecca, we seldom hunt anywhere inland, on the coast, in the OCEAN without seeing loads of black ducks. They are as billed though, a trophy! They are smart, habitual, and not overly gregarious making them a hard bird to take without the right rig in the right place with the right set-up. Sure, they make mistakes occasionally, but black duck gunning is all in the effort and we’ll make it for you every day. On top of black ducks our mallard population seems to be stronger every year. 

While on the bay front for puddle ducks, we often have chances on Brant, Geese and Divers. Sometimes seeing huge rafts of all different species of waterfowl, which always adds to the anticipation and experience.

We routinely hunt the marshes from our boat blinds and have some amazing puddle duck hunting in our areas. Mallard, Black Duck, Green Wing Teal and Gadwall are some of our regulars. But we also take Shovelers, Wigeon and Pintail during the season.

We have some of the best Canada Goose hunting in the state!  Hunting from ground blinds and stand ups, we offer field hunts that have some amazing shooting!! With exclusive permission the hunt numerous fields, a large population of resident birds, and a enormous amount of migratory geese, we are able to put hunters on Canada's from the Early September season, all the way thru the better part of January.

We can also have excellent Snow Goose hunts on these fields when they hit the areas.  Canada’s can be taken regularly on our marshes and add a nice variety to our daily bag limit. We typically do not solely target them on the coastal hunts, we add some goose stools too our spread and they tend to give us some good action.

We offer early special season sea duck hunts between October-November. If interested, contact us and we will give you what you need to know about the hunts.

Hard to hit and even harder to “finish-off” seaducks are an even increasingly enjoyed resource all over the coasts of the United States. They decoy great, are challenging targets and make for an incredibly enjoyable day with friends. Generally speaking we hunt scoters (common, surf and white-wing) in the Atlantic Ocean or in the inlets to the ocean and we hunt oldsquaws in the bays

well off-shore, sometimes miles from shore. Both decoy exceptionally well but with VASTLY different techniques. We will get a few opportunities at both on most days but we usually tend to choose one over the other based upon the weather conditions and our clients’ interest. If you haven’t hunted seaducks it is another “must-do” and we strongly recommend oldsquaws from the layout rig – it has become a fan favorite.

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